Our recent performance stats…..

  • 100% success rate 13 years running (successful hire on every engagement)
  • 96.2% retention rate after the 5 year mark of employment
  • Functional focus is on high revenue producing reps/managers and leadership roles over revenue producing forces, accounting and finance leadership roles, as well as general executive leadership roles;
  • Client industry is high tech and software companies here in the US.
  • On the sales/revenue reps/managers, the majority are “President Club” or top 5% of sales force repeat performers.
  • Our fees are a fraction of 1% when compared to the revenue our candidates have been responsible for bringing in once on board.
  • Flat fee to be negotiated or 30-33 1/3rd% of guaranteed compensation for non-sales executives. Deposit upon engagement required.
  • 2 year guarantee
  • We work exclusively, we become part of your team with the common goal of hiring the strongest person for the job.

Author: Ken DeWitt

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